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We’re here to help you understand your student loans and grants

To provide as much information as possible about FSA, we’ve compiled answers to a range of questions we hear frequently. 如需解答具体问题,请与金融服务部门联系.

现在你可以以一个价格锁定你的学费,从开始到结束你的课程. 直接补贴贷款适用于那些通过完成联邦学生援助免费申请(FAFSA)证明有经济需求的本科生。. 美国.S. 在你上学的时候,至少有一半的时间由教育部支付利息, as long as you complete your program on time.

Direct Unsubsidized 贷款s are available to undergraduate and graduate students; there is no requirement to demonstrate financial need. 用无补贴贷款, you are responsible for paying the interest, which begins accruing at the time the loan is disbursed. 如果你没有按时支付利息,利息将被加到本金余额中.

有关更多信息,请参见 联邦学生资助.

佩尔助学金 颁发给以前没有获得学士或专业学位的合格本科生. 佩尔助学金的最高金额每年都会有所不同,在未来的授予年份可能会更高或更低. 除了 最高年金额, there is also a limit to the amount of Pell Grant you can receive over your 一生.

FSA贷款资格 varies by grade level and dependency status.

年级水平是由申请到你的主要课程的学分数量决定的. For new students, grade level is determined by applied transfer credits. 继续学习的学生, 年级水平是由在学年开始时申请到你的主要课程的学分总数决定的.

Dependency status is determined by a variety of factors. 任何一个问题的答案都是“是” 依赖的问题 on the FAFSA will classify you as independent; a “no” answer to all of the dependency questions on the FAFSA will classify you as dependent.

有 综合资格限制 到你可以为本科和研究生学习借到的FSA贷款的数额.  

Processing times for awarding FSA can vary 从 student to student, depending on individual situations and documentation requirements. You can see estimated processing times for your FSA package on the 学生的网站 by navigating to Financial Plan > Awards & 支付.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the FAFSA website, contact the 联邦学生资助 Information Center at 800.433.3243. 在FAFSA应用程序中还有一个实时帮助按钮,您可以使用它来实时和在线联系信息中心.

Award letters are generated after FSA is packaged. 它将在 学生的网站 at the time funds acceptance is required.  After that, your letter will be available by navigating to Financial Plan > Awards & 支付 > Print 贷款 Confirmation.  It will be posted in your Letter Center on the 学生的网站, as well.

FSA贷款和佩尔助学金发放日期根据每个学生的个人时间表, 顺利完成学分, and weeks of instructional time — therefore, the dates can vary greatly 从 one student to the next. Specific disbursement dates can be found on your 学生的网站 by navigating to Financial Plan > Awards & 支付 > Disbursement Status.

Typically, disbursements are scheduled the day a new payment period starts.  届时,泛亚电竞将开始确定您是否有资格获得这些资金,预计资金将在5至7天内汇入您的学生账户.  如果你是第一次借款者, 本科一年级学生, 然而, 您的第一笔付款将安排在您的第一个付款期开始后30天. 如果发生延迟,金融服务部门将尽快解决问题.

FSA loans and 佩尔助学金 disburse twice during your academic year, shortly after the start of each payment period. 一般来说, disbursements are scheduled toward the beginning of each 12-credit payment period. Scheduling will be different if an academic year is fewer than 24 credits. Refer to your award letter for specific disbursement dates.

FSA loans and 佩尔助学金 disburse twice during your academic year, 在每个付款期开始时. 一般来说,付款安排在每个12个学分的还款期开始. Scheduling will be different if an academic year is fewer than 24 credits. 请参阅您的奖励信或联系金融服务以了解具体的付款日期.

Although FSA funds can be rescheduled for a number of reasons, the most common is a change in your schedule. 因为FSA的支付资格取决于成功完成学分和几周的教学, 日程的改变可能会造成延误.

一般来说,佩尔助学金和贷款基金计划在同一时间发放. 然而, 这是两种不同类型的援助, and the disbursements actually come in at different times. Specific disbursement dates can be found on your 学生的网站 by navigating to Financial Plan > Awards & 支付 > Disbursement Status.

借方备忘录是当贷方余额即将发送给您或返回给FSA基金时,您将在您的帐户摘要上看到处理的交易. Your account summary can be accessed on the 学生的网站 by navigating to *Financial Plan > Billing*.

Elections for receiving a credit balance can be changed anytime by navigating to Financial Plan > Overview > *Manage Cards & 直接存款*.  如直接存款 之前没有设置, click Change to Direct Deposit; if direct deposit 之前设置过,单击“更新直接存款”.  选择直接存入资金必须在完成任何退款计算之前存档,以确保资金将以电子方式传输到您指定的银行帐户.

信贷余额将在资金支付之日起14个日历日内处理.   Once the credit balance process is completed, direct deposits should appear in your designated account within 3–5 business days, and paper checks should be received within 3–10 business days. Please remember that processing times can vary, and the University cannot be held responsible for delays in mail delivery.

You can view your account summary to see when a debit memo has posted by navigating to Financial Plan > Billing.

美国niversity participates in the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) program, 通过电子方式向国家学生贷款数据库系统(nsds)提供注册状态和出勤数据。. The Registrar’s Office reports attendance data on all students once per week. If your servicer participates in the NSC program, you do not need to take any action to put your loans into a deferred status; if not, 请泛亚电竞的招生处 & 记录服务中心800.866.3919请求进一步援助.

Once a graduation application is submitted, 在颁发文凭之前,必须完成几项财务和学术审核. Typical processing time for these audits is 1–3 weeks.

FSA awards are based on a combination of student eligibility criteria, 学习计划和年级水平. 如果你这一学年的学杂费比你的助学金要多, 资金短缺将会存在. 有 many sources of funding for educational purposes. 请参阅泛亚电竞的 金融期权 页了解更多信息,或联系财务服务以获得更多资源.

学校只被允许从本学年的FSA资金中保留最多200美元,以支付上一学年的学杂费. 请参阅您的奖励信或联系金融服务部门了解具体的学年和付款日期.

Always consult a tax professional with questions about education tax credits.

在最近结束的纳税年度,1098-T表格将不迟于每年1月31日向学生提供. 您可以同意以电子方式递交本表格,也可以接受邮寄的纸质表格. Delivery options can be selected by logging in to 学生的网站 and navigating to Financial Plan > Tax Forms > 1098-T. 如果选择电子交付,1098-T报表将提前3-7天提供.

请注意,大学报告合格的学费和相关费用的付款, so not all students will receive a 1098-T. If no payments posted to your student account within the 1098-T reporting year, 你可能不会收到.


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